COVID-19 Guidelines


COVID-19 Guidelines for Parents and Carers at the Drama Kids, Sussex + DK Youth Theatre

  • If your child, or anyone they live with, is feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of COVID-19, do not attend class
  • Parents and carers will be met by a member of staff outside, at the given time, and non-essential adults will not be permitted to enter the classroom, and in some instances are not permitted to wait in the venue
  • Social distancing rules will apply outside of the venue between adults and students
  • Students are encouraged to use the toilet before coming to class and to ensure they have washed their hands before entering the premises
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser to use at the beginning and end of the class
  • No personal or non-essential items should be brought to the classroom or left onsite
  • Academy staff will not be able to handle personal items so students are encouraged to attend lessons wearing only items which they can wear for the duration of the class
  • Coats, shoes, toys or personal items should be placed in a bag before entering the class, we recommend purchasing Drama Kids, Sussex tote/string bags for this
  • No food or snacks are permitted, but a named drink bottle is allowed
  • Current guidelines for out of school clubs and activities state no mask or face coverings are required by pupils or teachers if groups are in bubbles and social distancing is adhered to where possible (1.5 metre for drama)
  • Free trials and bring a friend days are suspended until further notice, however new enrolments are welcome to join the bubble groups
  • There will be a break between classes to carry out cleaning and comply with extra measures, this may affect class start times
  • It is each primary carer’s responsibility to follow these guidelines and any additional requirements by law, wherever possible, and to follow correct procedure regarding track and trace should you become aware of any symptomatic conditions or come into contact with persons diagnosed positive for Covid-19.
  • Whilst Helen O’Grady, Sussex will do their best ‘where possible’ to comply with government guidance, they or persons working for Drama Kids, Sussex, cannot be held responsible for your child(ren) should the classes be connected to, or shut down because of further outbreaks, locally or nationally, or any possible spread of infection through attending.