Make a difference at your primary or secondary school, with one of the best developmental drama programmes in Sussex.

Drama Kids + DK Youth Theatre, Sussex are part of a globally acclaimed drama programme stretching from the UK & Europe around the world, we run highly organised, high-quality drama classes focused on boosting students’ confidence, communication skills and creativity. Having worked with many schools across East and West Sussex, and in teaching roles, we know that our programme works wonders in achieving these things.

Special rate for schools

We offer a special reduced rate for schools, and many parents are happy to pay a small fee to enrich their children’s creative arts education. Our teaching schedule fills up quickly, so get in touch to register your interest and find out more.

Why us for your after-school drama club?

    We teach all year-groups – no student at your school has to wait till next year
No auditions, no try-outs, no bad feelings – every child participates in a very positive way
Our structured curriculum meets educational learning and literacy standards while being entertaining for the students
New lessons every week, with fast-paced, fun-packed drama scenes and activities
We only work with reliable, energetic teachers trained to Helen O’Grady standards

Effortless after-school care

We only need a single open room or area
There’s no student administration work involved
We only enrich, not interfere, with existing after-school programmes
We can do school assembly or lunchtime performances at no added cost or effort

What people say about us

Throughout the 6 years of attending Drama Kids Sussex Academy, I have loved every second of it- from joining when I was 10 years old to leaving at 16. I used to be a very diffident, quiet person before joining, and now I’ve found myself to be quite the opposite. I think this is to a large extent thanks to my experience at Drama Kids Sussex. Through Drama Kids Sussex, not only have I gained confidence that will stick with me for life, but I have also made some amazing friends along the way. I used to never think I’d have the guts to perform on stage Infront of lots of people, but the atmosphere provided by the Drama Kids Sussex team and being able to perform with people I got on with really well really made those performances turn into happy memories that I’ll cherish forever. The teachers made every class very enjoyable and inclusive. 

I have done a fair few Drama Kids Sussex summer schools during my time and that’s been a memorable experience, getting to know other people from different groups that share the same passion as you. This academy allows us as students to be creative and gain confidence.

From Anna aged 16

Both of my children have been attending the drama class for over a year. It’s a great opportunity for them to build up their confidence and be able to speak comfortably in public.

Dan, Ying’s mum

My son was really shy and wasn’t good at joining in with others. But since starting at Drama Kids Sussex, he has really come out of his shell; his confidence has grown and he now loves to join in and try new things. Also, his communication skills have really improved and he has become a lot more creative in how he plays. The teacher is so great with him. Thanks!

Julie-Anne, Noah’s mum

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