What Our Families Say About Us

We love what we do and we know our classes change lives, but it is wonderful when we get feedback from parents who see the positive change in their children from attending our classes or Summer School.

“The ethos of you and your Academy is really special. Your professional and caring team and the way you get the best from each and every individual child is amazing. This week I have seen my child grow in confidence, build new friendships and come home buzzing with creative ideas”   Shoreham Parent

“My child is a very considered little boy. He likes his own space and is very comfortable being quiet. He will never join in anything without standing & assessing the situation first, making sure he knows exactly what is expected of him. He is very mature & sensible and I’ve always known he has an inner confidence. Michael’s class seems to have brought this out & it’s so wonderful to see. It’s like his class has given my child permission to lose his inhibitions. It’s not only his family that have noticed the change in him, our friends & school have mentioned it too. He seems to suddenly have a little spring in his step, a belief in himself”  Shoreham Parent

“We were completely amazed at X’s confidence on stage and how much he enjoyed being part of the production.  It really was the highlight of our summer seeing him perform and look so happy. Huge thanks to you and all your team”   Brighton Parent


“It’s incredible what they learn in such a short space of time!”   Brighton Parent

“I was surprised with how diverse the activities were, She came home bursting with ideas”  Hassocks Parent

“Thank you to the whole team at the academy.  Seeing the performance at the weekend was wonderful”   Brighton Parent

“It is wonderful to see your child so confident and able to do such amazing things on stage.  Fabulous work Helen O’Grady team”  Hove Parent

“Out of all the camps and activity clubs he’s done, I would say hands down that he came home the happiest and most fulfilled after every day from your Drama School.  He would definitely like to come again next year, he’s already decided”    Brighton Parent

“I can’t put into words how amazed I was at the children’s presentation! After just 8 short weeks the children performed a variety of improvisations with such expression and enjoyment – they clearly loved it and were having such fun. My daughter’s confidence has grown massively – she can’t get enough of the classes!”   Shoreham Parent